Teacher's Note To Students Makes Everyone Cry For The Best Reason

One of life's sad realities is that it's not uncommon for kids to cry at school. They could be hurt, have separation anxiety, be the victims of bullying, have gotten a bad grade, the list goes on and on. In most cases, parents understand that it's just part of growing up. What tends to be more unusual, however, is when kids cry tears of joy at school. That's what happened to Abby Martin's son, and she knew she had to share the story with the world.

When Abby picked up her son, Rylan, from school one day, he informed her that he was embarrassed because he cried in school. Fearing the worst, she asked for more details. That's when she learned that Rylan had actually cried after reading a touching letter his teacher had written to the whole class. They had a standardized test coming up, and the teacher just wanted to remind her students that "these tests do not define you."

Abby shared a photo of the letter in an Instagram post, Abby shared a picture of the letter, as well as her own response to the teacher's thoughtful worlds. "I asked him what upset him, and he told me he cried because he was happy about a letter his teacher gave his class before they take ISTEP," wrote Abby. "Needless to say, when I read it, I cried too."

Standardized tests are mandatory in schools across America, although their effectiveness at actually assessing students' abilities is hotly debated.

Abby is so grateful that her son has a teacher who cares so much about him and all the other students. I'm sure all the other parents and students are glad too. Read the full letter below.

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H/T: Uplifting Forever | absmarti

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