Teachers Of Celebrities Tell Funny Stories About What They Were Like As Students

Most of the time we only care about celebrities once they have become famous. After they're famous, journalists and paparazzi follow them around to record their every move. Tabloids and TMZ let us know what they had for breakfast or who they are currently dating. Have you ever wondered where they came from or what their backstory is? Teachers tend to remember a lot of their students and how they behaved in class. Many of them recognize if one of their former students becomes famous.

Enjoy 15 stories from teachers who knew some very famous artists, actors, singers, and athletes. 

1. Christina Aguilera And Uncooked Hot Dogs


Christina may have some incredible pipes, but her old psychology teacher apparently said she was not a very nice person and "smelled like uncooked hot dogs."

2. Seth Rogen Was A Class Clown? No!


One of Seth Rogan's old math teachers said he would give Seth "the floor at the beginning of class and just say 'Go.' And he [Seth] would proceed to do stand-up for as long as he could to stall math class."

3. Ryan Lochte's Biology Problems


Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte's old classmate said, "Once in biology class Devon Lochte leaned over and asked me how to spell 'cell.' I kind of wish I were kidding. Nice kids, though, regardless of IQ."

4. NYU With Lady Gaga

TJ Sengel

One of Lady Gaga's professors told her to stop promoting her gigs and focus on class. He said of her, "if she applied herself she might be successful one day."

5. David Bowie Will Never Make It In Music

Ronald (Ron) Douglas Frazier

One student found one of David Bowie's old report cards in her school that said "David is a quiet student who needs to stop playing with his motorcycle and learn that music will not make him a livable wage."


6. Rick Santorum's Decision To Become A Republican

Gainesville Scene

A political science teacher spoke of his centrist-leaning former student, conservative politician Rick Santorum, who asked, "Which party should I join to do well in politics?" The teacher told him, "The Republican Party had less serious candidates."

7. Jay-Z And Biggie's Middle School Teacher


A middle school history teacher had both Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls as students. She said Jay-Z was shy and Biggie was extremely obnoxious.

8. Bill Murray Was A Record Holder


A student of Bill Murray's former school said he set the record for the most detentions and "when a kid broke it years later he took him out to lunch."

9. Don't Interrupt Stephen King's Reading


Stephen King's high school English teacher spoke of how the would-be author was reading during a cafeteria food fight. An apple hit him in the head. He looked at it and started eating it and continued to read.

10. Leo The Loner

Disney | ABC Television Group

One of Leonardo DiCaprio's old teachers said the Academy Award winner did not get along well with other students and would eat lunch with the faculty.

11. A Slacker Founded Instagram


One of the founders of Instagram was the type of student who would walk into Algebra class on test day and say, "There's a test today?" He proceeded to ace the test with no problems.


12. Adam Sandler Hates Mrs. K


A high school science teacher had Adam Sandler as a student. They did not like each other and one of Sandler's first songs was about her. It was called "I Hate Mrs. K."

13. Nicolas Cage's Day Off


A secretary at a Beverly Hills high school said Nicolas Cage was often late and in the principal's office. She referred to him as charming in a Ferris Bueller kind of way.

14. La Escuela De Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl's high school Spanish teacher said the actress never paid attention and would focus on her makeup most of the time. She dropped out after her sophomore year.

15. Robin Williams In The Music Man


This shouldn't come as much surprise. Robin Williams was a class clown in his university theater class. During a production of The Music Man, Williams would goof off, improvise, and cause a disruption. His professor had a hard time being mad, but one day he yelled, "Cut it out!" and "Robin got right into character, did his part quite well and after he finished his part, my professor looked at him and said 'Thank you. Continue.' And then, like a switch had been flipped, he went back to being wild, zany, and hilarious."

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