Teen Leaves Touching Note On Cop's Front Door

It's not exactly a secret that tensions between civilians and law enforcement are at a high right now. It seems like there are new headlines almost every day about another case of police misconduct or violent protests bursting out somewhere else. Amidst all of that negativity, however, one Minnesota police officer recently got a very pleasant surprise.

An unnamed deputy from Beltrami County came home after a long day at work to find his lawn had been freshly mowed, and there was a note on his door. The contents of the note were so touching, his coworkers posted it to Facebook, where it proceeded to go viral.

The note was written by a 17-year-old named Brett, who generally mows the lawn for the deputy's neighbor. He explained in the note, "If its [sic] ok with you I would like to mow your lawn for you because your job is hard enough and I think people like you should know that we are behind you guys. Take the extra hour that it takes to mow and spend time doing what you love."

Naturally, the deputy and all of the other officers in the department were incredibly touched by the gesture. "Our office is deeply appreciative of the kind words and support the law enforcement community has received! We are proud to serve such a great community!"

Here's the note left by the teen.

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H/T: Newsiosity | Mad World News

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