Teen Salsa Dancer Impresses His Partner

May 25, 2016

Most teenagers are terrified at the thought of asking a girl to dance. Middle school dances are not the place you’ll find any graceful partner dancing. There are a lot more kids at the concession table than on the gymnasium dance floor. This 14-year-old, however, is far from afraid to dance. The teenage salsa prodigy is full of confidence when he approaches an older woman at a concert and asks her to salsa. The woman politely obliges, but clearly did not expect what happened next.

The young boy takes the lead and shows off a dazzling display of dancing prowess that wows his partner and those around him. The stunning routine starts to pull focus from the band as fellow concert goers turn their attention to the new dancing king and queen.

His partner keeps up just as well as the pair dance in impeccable tandem. You would think that the two have done this before, but, as you can see from her expression after a stream of stunning spins, she had no idea what she was getting into. Originating in New York, salsa music and dancing are rooted deeply in Puerto Rican and Cuban culture. While it is not uncommon for Latino families to teach salsa to their adolescent members, it’s not often you see someone so young show off such dancing prowess. All this spinning and twirling has me thinking, maybe I need to start taking some lessons.

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H/T: Pauly Paredes

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