Teenage Walmart Employee's Secret Is Revealed

Phil Bravin Powell is a teenager from Douglas County, Georgia who recently went viral thanks to his incredible gesture of kindness. While working his shift at a local Walmart, he noticed a homeless person with no shoes on. Without hesitation, Phil gave his own shoes to the man. He didn't think anything of it, but another shopper witnessed the whole thing and couldn't help but be impressed.

Myrna Kines was shopping at the store when the incident happened. "I just couldn’t believe it," she said. "I walked up to the man he just gave his shoes away to and asked, ‘Did he just give you his shoes?'" Myrna then went back and took a photo of Phil, which she posted on her Facebook page. It went quickly viral from there.

"I just witnessed this young man take the shoes off of his feet and give them to a man that needed them at Walmart on Thornton Rd in Lithia Springs. His name is Phil. I will be contacting Walmart Corporate to tell them they have an awesome employee! Please share!! " she wrote.

After seeing the post, one of Phil's managers revealed what happened just a few moments after the incident. The manager, Mike Kastensmidt, took Phil to the shoe department and offered to buy him any pair he wanted. Phil, however, chose some $13 slippers because that was "all he needed."

Phil's mom, Brenda Patterson, also reached out to Kines after seeing her post, and said that her son truly has a "heart of gold." The shoes he was wearing were actually specially made to honor his grandmother, who had breast cancer. That's why the shoes were pink and white, as were his socks.

She also added that her son knew firsthand how important shoes can be, as the family had seen its own share of hard times, escaping to Georgia to escape domestic abuse. Since the time Phil was in third grade, the family lived in shelters, motels, and even out of the back of their car. It was only recently that they themselves were no longer homeless.

"I tried to keep no matter what we went through, I kept them in school, and I kept them in church. But there were a lot of night I just didn't know what to do, how to do it, when to do it," said Brenda. Naturally, she's incredibly proud of her son.

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H/T: America Now

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