Teen's Impressive Work Ethic Goes Viral

A teenage boy has recently become somewhat of a celebrity on social media thanks to his innovative lawn mowing device. 14-year-old Daron Taylor caught the attention of Instagram user Deonshotme, who decided to upload Daron's invention to his Instagram for the world to see.

Daron explained that the cart is a storage cart, which carries all the equipment he needs to mow people's lawns and earn cash over the summer. "I like cutting grass and I have yards that are way too far, so I don’t like walking or pushing a lawnmower, a weed wacker or boring stuff," he says. "So I saved enough money to buy this bike right here, and I bought a couple pieces of wood. So I got this trailer, this hitch... and I have a crate in front with the gas cans."

Within just eight days of the video being online, it was viewed over 72,000 times and got nearly 2,000 comments. Deonshotme, the Instagram user who uploaded the original clip, says that he made the video because he was so impressed with Daron's work ethic.

"Seen my lil dude Daron today," he wrote. "Took a minute to get out and talk to this kid because he is truly me on steroids at 14 yrs old!! I'm definitely going to support this kid business and pass the word on to everybody I can for him because he is def talented!!!he got more hustle than most grown men I know!!!"

Given the viral nature of this video, it's clear that a lot of people agree with him!

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H/T: Just4ever

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