"Text-Neck" Is A Real, Painful Health Issue That's Affecting Today's Youth

Whether we're texting, Facebooking, watching a YouTube video, or doing an infinite number of other things on our phone, people today (and younger people especially) spend a whole lot of time with our faces buried in our devices. One common complaint that parents have is that their kids are being rude or antisocial because of this screen fixation.

Now, however, there is another serious reason to be concerned about excessive phone usage. Doctors are warning parents to be wary of a physical condition commonly known as "Text-Neck," first diagnosed in a 14-year-old Colorado teen who reported a severe pain in her neck.

Sarah Atchison, a resident of Littleton, Colorado is a typical teen girl who, like all teens, is absolutely in love with her phone. She spends any time she can on it. "I always look down at my phone," she says - an obsession that's now left her with aches and pains. After a trip to the doctor with her mom, an X-ray revealed that Sarah had developed a reverse-curve in her spine.

As a result, she will need several sessions with a chiropractor in order to fix the damage that's been done to her spine. Her chiropractor, Dr. Chad Cotter, says that he's seeing more high schoolers than ever before coming in complaining of neck pains, shoulder pains, and even tingling in their arms.

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