The 16 Scariest Mall Santas In The World

Santa is sorta scary when you think about it. He watches you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. It’s scary for goodness sake. Sometimes Santa’s scary in person too, thanks to the oddball wonder of mall Santas. Here are our 16 favorite scary pictures of mall Santa Claus’s. 

1. This mall Santa just told these kids he’s going to turn them into elves.

2. This year the mall hired an owl in a person suit to be Santa.

3. Don't worry kids. Robot Santa is here to help. 

4. This was the Christmas a young John Carpenter came up with the idea for the movie Halloween.

5. This girl doesn't mind that her Santa is also a werewolf. 


6. Ho, ho, woah! 

7. Santa got a little work done over the summer. Doesn't it look natural? 

8. This Santa also moonlights in a Led Zeppelin cover band. 

9. Santa got his black eye in a fight with the Easter Bunny. 

10. This baby's first words were "can we please just celebrate Hanukkah?"

11. If you look closely you can see the exact moment this little girl realized she wasn't getting a bike. 


12. Weekend at Santa's!

13. Even the circus deserves its own Santa. Maybe next year they'll have one that isn't made of nightmares. 

14. "You can have anything you want for Christmas. Just let me keep this arm."

15. Dennis Hopper actually spent part of the 70s at Santa. 

16. This is what happens when Santa catches a parent taking a picture without paying the elves first. You don't want to see this Santa face in real life.  

Via: Daily Mail

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