The Best DIY Tricks To Spruce Up Your Home

We hate going DIY shopping. It's always hugely inspirational, but really expensive. We want everything to make our home better but in the end, we rarely buy much of anything. 

So, we've stopped going and started watching what people do without a trip to the craft store and it's incredible. Your home can be truly amazing with very little in the way of materials. 

So come and check out some of the most innovative home DIY tricks on the planet. The best news of all is how cheap most of them are to implement. You'll love them.

1. The Grass Door Number

A Beautiful Mess

This is a sweet way to make your house stand out from the moment people arrive. Mount a grass box with house numbers on it to the front wall. Make sure you don't forget to water the grass!

2. Let Out Your Inner Vandal

The DIY Bungalow

Remember when your mom would have gone mad at you for writing on the furniture? Forget it. Write on your curtains, it's the new "in" thing.

3. Turning Your Organizer Into Decor

The 36th Avenue

All you need is a magnetized board and some magnets and you can turn a functional item into a work of art. This is great.

4. Mini Plant Pots From Wine Corks

It All Started With Paint

Aren't these just wonderful? They're so cute that we can't believe they don't sell these in garden centers, but making your own is easy.


5. The Window Into A Table Trick

Marty's Musings

Of course, you can't use any old window - you'll want to pick a pretty one, but this is a great way to recycle old house parts to make something gorgeous.

6. The Twigs And Candle Holders

Freut Cake

If you're not sure where to start, this one's very simple. Collect some twigs, spray them different colors, glue them to candle holders.

7. Awesome Dipped Kitchen Utensils

Cleverly Simple

To get the neat lines on these wooden utensils, you just have to tape over the bits you don't want to dip in paint.

8. Creative Pillow Case Art

Making Home Base

If you can't find the exact design you want on pillowcases, you can always use stencil art to add your own designs to them.

9. Cute Watercolored Cushion Cases

Tidbits Cami

To do this, you can use a cushion you already own and a fresh white case for it. Then watercolor paint, leave to dry and enjoy.

10. Super Stenciled Tea Towels

Addicted 2 DIY

Stencils really do have endless uses in decorating the home. Here some dull, plain tea towels have become something far more interesting because of stencils.


11. Amazing Marble Clay Dishes

A Beautiful Mess

You'll need to combine several colors of clay to get this kind of effect but otherwise, it's making yourself a dish as you would with any other kind of clay.

12. The Book Light Made Of Real Books

The Shabby Creek Cottage

Old books look awesome, but don't add much practical value to the home. But glue them together and you can drill through them to attach a light, like this. Now they're functional, too.

13. Wall Hangings With A Twist

Style Me Pretty

This requires some copper pipe and some copper plate and not much else. Reshape them into arrows and then hang them on the wall at home.

14. The Concrete Block Flower Planter

A Beautiful Mess

This couldn't be easier if it tried. You make the block out of art plaster and then you paint over it in concrete colored paint.

15. The Homemade Copper Coffee Table

For Me For You

All you need are some old copper pipes, some fixings and a sheet of wood and you can create a beautiful coffee table. 

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