The Best Man Cave Ever Is Literally A Cave, Comes With Its Own Ejector Bed

Nov 4, 2015

When most people hear “man cave,” they think of a basement, garage, or even just a particularly fancy take on the classic “den” of years past. For DIY mad scientist, Colin Furze, his mind went immediately to “secret underground bunker carved into solid rock.” With the help of Sky 1 Television, the amateur everything-hacker created the perfect place to work on and showcase his oddball inventions.

It took several months, but Colin was quite pleased with the results.

As with all of his projects, he started with careful planning.

The work wasn’t easy, given the geology of his neighborhood.

The rock does lend itself to the bunker feel, as does the arched steel he used in construction.

The project nearly finished, it was time to cover the structure.


Amazingly, you can’t even tell now that the sod is down.

But that nice little shed in the corner hides the secret entrance.

First and foremost, any good man cave needs an entertainment center.

Colin’s is top notch, featuring a surround sound system wired through the walls, no messy wires in this bunker!

Colin’s inventions are all here, including his famous ejector bed, which has a little trouble with the arched ceiling ...

And in the kitchen, he installed his slightly more practical “Freezerwave,” a microwave oven that can also rapidly cool food that’s too hot.


And no man cave is truly completely without ridiculous working replicas of items from video games.

Check out a full tour and some of the construction process in this fun video:

Via: Colin Furze

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