The Best Photos Ever Taken At An Airport Will Crack You Up

Air travel has become a very serious business over the decades since it was introduced. This is, in part, at least due to the shadow cast by the threat of terrorism.

However, even though airports have become predisposed to treating everything as though it were no laughing matter, small acts of silliness still manage to sneak through under the radar.

You're going to love these 25 moments, which were all captured in airports around the world because they prove that airports and air travel can still be fun (if you just keep your eyes open when you fly). Enjoy.

1. Bedding Down


The flight's been delayed a long time. There's no peace and quiet. What do you do? You build a fort and sleep in that, of course.

2. Nuns Not On The Run


This is an incredible scene that proves that no-one is exempt from the TSA's security checks, not even the Lord's own sisters. 

3. Nodding Off


We completely get this. When you're tired and stuck in an airport lounge, it's impossible to get comfortable, but these two are having a really good attempt at it. 

4. Making Friends


These two babies aren't related. They met at random in an airport. Then they instantly bonded for life and hugged like they'd been friends forever. 

5. Too Comfortable


There is probably a right way to carry a neck pillow between flights. This is not the right way to carry a neck pillow between flights. 

6. Concierge Service


This little girl has worked out the easiest way to get around an airport. We think that we might try this, next time we fly. 

7. Mastering Sleep


If they won't build a comfortable sleeping space, the trick is to adapt to your environment and make one anyway. This is pure genius. 

8. Strictest Security


You would have thought that they'd have made him take his shoes off for this, wouldn't you? That's some incredibly strict scanning procedure. 


9. Did You Declare That Baby?


We really hope that this baby was just put there while his mom does up her laces and that he wasn't pushed through the scanners. 

10. Not Loving This


Children aren't bound by the rules of normal conduct in an airport and when a flight's heavily delayed, they'll sleep anywhere they please. Thank you. 

11. Parking Ticket


It's always a good idea not to play with the parking garage key fob when you're putting your plane away or taking it out for the day.

12. Dressed For The Office


Sure, airport security checks can be a bit intrusive, but there's really no need to go to this extreme. Except, of course, unless it's really funny. 

13. Quite The Performance


These two little ones are helping to demonstrate just how hard it is to be a parent in an airport. We can see this won't end well.

14. Child Carousel


We hope that they don't do the same thing with unattended children as they do with unattended baggage in airports. That would be unfortunate. 

15. Bold Move


We love the juxtaposition of t-shirt and metal detector, but we're not certain that throwing down a challenge to airport security is always the wisest move. 

16. Thanks, Captain Obvious


You now, I'm not quite sure why this would be something that needs to be expressly stated, but then again, humanity never ceases to amaze me.

17. Wonder Woman's Plane


What, you have a better way to get to the Amazon kingdom?

18. Now That I Think About It...


You know, this actually makes a lot of sense the longer you spend thinking about it.


19. Read All About It

Caveman Circus

I suppose that's one way to get caught up on the news. He's not napping, he's taking an in-depth look at the stories that shape our world.

20. Dead Weight


"If I fits, I sits. It's your problem now, Dad." 

21. Nice Legs, Bro


Oh dear, I bet he wasn't expecting that. On the upside, it looks like the shoes match his sweater, so at least there's that.

22. Enough Already


"Excuse me sir, your kiss has now officially lasted in excess of the three minute time limit, and there are other couples waiting for their own 'Cheesy Romance Movie Moment.'"

23. #KnightProblems


"Uhhhh.... you're gonna have to ride the belt!" I definitely agree though, totally worth it.

24. Mini Me


We're not entirely sure why actor Vern Troyer, famous for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers series, is being examined by TSA. Maybe he's trying to smuggle........... one million dollars!

25. Whatever Works


Sleeping at airports is notoriously difficult and just generally horrible. You gotta do whatever you can to make it work if you've got a long layover or flight delay.

These made us howl with laughter. Who knew airports could be so much fun? Which ones were your favorites?

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