The Best Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever

Apr 1, 2016

Every few decades, there comes that once-in-a-generation athlete that changes their sport forever. People like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Tiger Woods have all become synonymous with the game they play. Well, there's about to be a new man added to that list, and his name is Robert. He may not have the vertical leap of MJ or the raw power of Ali, but he can sure solve a Wheel of Fortune puzzle better than anyone you've ever seen. 

Robert got a chance to be a contestant on a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune - an opportunity that he had been preparing for years in advance. As soon as the game started, the other two contestants knew they were in trouble because Robert was filling in complex phrases with only a few letters to use as clues. Robert didn't let up either, dominating the entire game from start to finish. In the end, he walked away with $76,086 - and host Pat Sajack walked away in disbelief. 

How did he do it? Robert developed a comprehensive strategy that included playing along with the games he watched from home using a buzzer that he made himself. If you are interested in an intricately detailed version of how Robert became a Wheel of Fortune legend, you can read what he wrote about it here. My favorite part of this video has to be the look on the faces of the other contestants who knew they had absolutely no chance of stopping this mastermind.  

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H/T: Wheel of Fortune

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