The Biggest Supermoon In 70 Years Is Set To Fill The Night Sky This Month


One of the saddest things about growing up is the fact that we tend to spend less time looking up at the sky. There's so much going on up there that we never take the time to appreciate. If you haven't taken the time to cast an eye to the heavens in some time, you may want to mark November 14th on your calendar.

NASA has announced that on this day, people looking at the night sky will be able to see the largest supermoon in 70 years. This particular supermoon will be so large, in fact, that NASA has even dubbed it the "extra-supermoon." Here's why it's such a big deal. 

Supermoons have been coveted sightings for a long time, and for good reason. Here's a past one spotted over the mountains of Alaska.


The majority of us have probably been alive for a supermoon at some point, but most of us have never seen something like the upcoming "extra-supermoon."

So, yeah, it's a big deal.


This moon will be roughly 14% larger and 30% brighter than the usual full moons we see.



You really should try to mark your calendars for this one, but you won't see another one until November 2034.


Supermoons occur when the moon reaches a point in its orbit where it's closer to Earth than usual.


When the sun, moon, and Earth align in this way, a supermoon is born. The distance of the moon at this point of its orbit is actually a full 30,000 miles closer to the Earth than usual, which is why it appears significantly larger.

That causes the moon to appear brighter and larger than it usually does. This year, the supermoon is even more special.

NASA Goddard

That's because the moon will actually be full right around the time it's closest to the Earth.

Now you know why it's such a big deal!

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To find out more, check out NASA's Tumblr feed.


So don't miss the chance to witness this incredibly rare supermoon. Try your best to find a really dark place with as little city light as possible.

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