The Blue Marlin Is An Impossibly Large Transport Boat

We've all seen photos and videos of some pretty unique boats, but have you ever seen anything that comes close to doing what the Blue Marlin can? This massive, semi-submersible ship is designed to lift and transport incredibly large payloads. However, what makes it so unique is its ability to lift cargo that is in the water onto its deck.

By submerging most of itself, it is able to pass underneath large objects and lift them out of the water.

Once secured to the ship, the cargo can be safely towed anywhere in the world.

The ship is a massive 56,000 metric tons in weight and 712 feet in length. As you are about to see, this allows it to carry some pretty interesting and unusual cargo.

The Blue Marlin is seen here carrying the USS Cole after it was damaged in an attack. Being such a massive ship and having to carry equally large payloads, the vessel draws on 17,160 horsepower from its engines.


With a top speed of 17 mph and a range of 29,000 miles, the ship simply does what no other boat can. Here it is seen with several other transport boats stacked upon it.

It can even move an entire offshore oil rig to its destination in one piece.

With a deck that is over 120,850 square feet, it's hard to imagine anything that it can't tow.

The heavy lift ship is owned by Dockwise Shipping – an international shipping company based out of the Netherlands.

Also on its résumé is the transport of the SBX-1 – a radar detection system that is part of the U.S. Defense Department's ballistic missile defense system. Instead of carrying the components, it transports the entire facility intact.


One of its more pieces of common cargo is offshore drilling equipment.

Together with its sister ship, the Black Marlin, the two vessels comprise the Marlin class of heavy lift ship.

To learn more about this amazing transport vessel, be sure to check out the video below:

Via: SlipTalk | Imgur

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