The Contents Of This Home Have Been Untouched Since The 1940s. This Goes Beyond Fascinating

Have you ever loved a place so much you wished you would never leave? What if you not only never left, but also kept everything in the same place for your entire life? That’s exactly what brother and sister combo Jack and Audrey Newton did for 70 years until their recent death. The siblings stayed in their childhood home since the early 1940s, never getting married and refusing all technological advancements.

Their lifestyle was mostly a mystery until the house was set up for auction after the death of its elderly residents. More than 500 items, trapped in time, were discovered inside. 

Grange Farm, located in the heart of England, was the home of Jack and Audrey for 70 years.

The interior of the house has been left unchanged since their childhood.

Even the original cooking supplies remain intact.

The siblings kept jewelry from their youth and put it on display. These cufflinks belonged to Jack and are among some of the items being sold at the upcoming auction.

Not to be outdone, Audrey’s collection of necklaces and earrings are expected to catch a big price.


An old dart set and deck of cards show what the siblings liked to do for fun.

Audrey died in 2011 and Jack passed away this past March. They left behind no close relatives so everything in the house will be up for sale. And yes, that is a drum set in their living room.

The farm house contains nine beautiful bedrooms, although I feel bad for whoever had to sleep in the same room as those creepy dolls.

This stuffed fox is estimated to be over 50 years old. While the vintage typewriter is estimated to be bought by a hipster and seen in a Brooklyn coffee shop very soon.

The Newton’s preferred to do everything themselves, often making their own clothes instead of buying new ones.

Jack (left) and Audrey (right) both spent their entire professional careers as farmers.

The siblings led very private lives, never needing reasons to leave the farm.


There’s no refrigerator in the house so they utilized more traditional ways of keeping food cool.

Both the Newtons loved music, all sorts of albums and sheet music from the past 70 years can be found in their possession.

These profoundly English mugs are part of the china set owned by the siblings.

Antique binoculars, maybe they were used to catch that fox hanging up in their living room.

The backdoor entrance to the old farm.

The backyard of the farm house has two separate outhouses.

The Newton house is truly a piece of history and despite their odd lives, they will surely be remembered.

Via: Daily Mail (U.K.)

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