The Correct Way To Clean Your Blinds

You've probably heard someone say that it's time for "spring cleaning," but have you ever stopped and asked yourself what that really means? Sure, it's a thorough cleaning of your entire house, but how did this tradition start, and why do we always do it in the spring?

There are actually a number of different theories as to why spring cleaning takes place when it does. Some believe that its origins can be traced all the way back to the Jewish tradition of cleaning the house in anticipation of the Passover feast, which is held in April. Others attribute it to the fact that in places like North America, cleaning during the winter used to be impractical. Before vacuums were invented, people had to wait until it was warm enough to open their windows if they wanted to dust. While waiting until spring to clean probably felt pretty gross, I'm sure plenty of kids were glad that they finally had a valid excuse not to do their chores.

So, with spring cleaning right around the corner, Melissa Maker is here to show us how to clean one of the trickiest areas in our home: the blinds. Melissa is a master of all things clean and her tips on both horizontal and vertical blinds are not to be missed. Looking to do something different with your blinds this spring? Check out this tutorial for transforming boring old shades into eye-catching Roman shades.

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H/T: Clean My Space

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