The Correct Way To Say These City Names Will Surprise You. You've Probably Gotten Many Wrong.

The next time you travel to a foreign place, you may want to look up the proper pronunciation of your destination before you hop on the plane. Apparently, a lot of common city names that we hear around us have been grossly mispronounced.

In our defense, some of these mispronounced names were deduced from logical, educated guesses based on our knowledge of the English language. However, some of these places are located in other parts of the world and follow the rules of other languages.

Thankfully, the following guide can help shed some light on how to properly pronounce Bangkok, Melbourne, Colorado (yes, we've even been pronouncing that one wrong), and many more locales.

How many places have you been mispronouncing until now?

1. Bangkok, Thailand

2. Melbourne, Australia

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

4. Dubai, UAE

5. Beijing, China

6. Budapest, Hungary


7. Phuket, Thailand

8. Brisbane, Australia

9. Colombia, South America

10. Yosemite Park, USA

11. Iraq

12. Montreal, Canada

13. Qatar

14. The River Thames, UK

15. Versailles, France

16. Worcester, UK


17. Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

18. Helena, USA

19. Kissimmee, USA

20. Lafayette, USA

21. La Jolla, USA

22. Niger

23. Pakistan

24. Worcestershire, UK

Credit: Thrillophilia

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