The Craziest Things That Ever Happened In An Uber

Uber has been in the news many times, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not. Even though the company has revolutionized transportation by popularizing the concept of "ridesharing," the behemoth has been sued by the City of San Francisco for its background check system and for putting a driverless car on the road illegally. There have also been some serious allegations about the company's corporate culture. 


Still, the average Uber ride is quite pleasant and uneventful. However, things can go downhill quickly. Here is a list of the 15 craziest Uber stories from the perspective of both drivers and riders.

1. Get Out Of My Car!


A passenger needed a ride to the emergency room only to meet a driver who refused to take her by yelling "GET OUT OF MY CAR!" over and over. 

2. Airhead Rider

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Someone put a blow-up doll in the car with a driver and told him the "ride was for her" before shutting the door. The driver took the doll to the destination.

3. False Accusations


A driver in Salt Lake City claimed a young passenger "submitted a false report to Uber in order to try to get his fare refunded, claiming that I had driven dangerously, sped, and committed road rage against other drivers. He could have got me fired over his $13 fare."

4. Leave A Massage After The Beep

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One driver dropped off three ladies at a day spa who asked if he could return in one hour. He told them he might be busy with other customers and they could simply request another ride. The ladies then offered him a one-hour massage. The driver didn't flinch and joined them for a spa day.


5. Driving Miss Daisy


Another driver explains how some riders look down on drivers. "When I first started driving, that was the most shocking and disheartening to me. Just bratty millennials looking down their noses at working-class rubes."

6. Timothy Dalton (Not James Bond)

The Epoch Times

Driver Timothy Dalton decided to go on a shooting spree killing six people and injuring two others. Then he thought it was a good idea to take another fare and drive erratically before that fare got scared and called the police. 

7. Nice Guys Finish Last


A passenger got into one driver's car with a gash in his head. The driver handed him a microfiber cloth to apply pressure and the guy simply asked, "Don't I seem like a nice guy, bro?" The driver confirmed. Apparently, he got pistol whipped by some lady's bodyguard. It was the longest 45-minute drive ever.

8. Neurologist Needs Her Head Checked

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A neurologist in Miami was suspended for attacking an Uber driver even though she wasn't the person who actually booked the ride. A joke can be made here about a woman who treats headaches becoming one.

9. Harley Quinn Smith


Director Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn requested an Uber. After a while, a car pulled up with two men claiming to be drivers. They couldn't confirm her request and tried to force her into their vehicle. Luckily, she was smart enough to ditch them.

10. Uncle Sam's Wild Ride


Another driver told the peculiar story of two riders who were dressed up as Uncle Sam and began to argue about checking out other people and then tried to bring the driver into the argument.


11. Faulty Background Check

ABC7 Chicago

One Uber driver in Chicago made his way past the company's background checks. He had a long history of crime and traffic violations and was caught after exposing himself to a female rider.

12. Cab Drivers Vs. Uber Drivers

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Taxi drivers are well-known Uber haters. Recently, French taxi drivers took it upon themselves to scare Uber drivers out of business by attacking drivers and burning their cars. So much for professional courtesy.

13. Angry Backseat Driver


When one rider was on his way to a hotel, he got into an argument with the front desk clerk that ended with obscenities. As the driver turned around to drive to another hotel, the rider decided he wanted to go back to the train station.

14. Uber Burglary


In 2015, an Uber driver took a woman to the Denver International Airport before returning to her home in an attempt to burglarize it. Luckily, the rider took a screenshot of her driver and he was caught. 

15. Driver Attempts Citizen's Arrest On Silicon Valley Star


Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller requested an Uber from a GQ Man of the Year Party. The two apparently got into an argument leading the driver to try and make a citizen's arrest. Miller allegedly slapped the driver in the face causing him to see stars and spent the night in jail.

Even after all of the negative and downright scary stories to come from certain Uber rides, they remain the number one ridesharing company in the world.  Be sure to SHARE the love (i.e., this article) with family and friends!

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