The Delicious Benefits Of Freezing Lemons

Since my first encounter with lemons, I've been hooked. This sour fruit is filled with essential vitamins and compounds that boost your health, while its distinct flavor adds a welcome punch of freshness to otherwise bland food and drinks.

Lemons are powerhouses within the fruit world due to their ability to support overall health while acting as a potent preventative agent.

Lemons are filled with specialized compounds called limonoids. Although our understanding of these constituents is still in its infancy, preliminary research suggests certain limonoids inhibit the growth of cancer cells, most notably in breast cancer cells. Studies suggest limonoids boost the health and efficiency of your entire body. Therefore, it's suggested you consume this tart fruit regularly.

While lemon juice is a beloved ingredient, did you know the peel is actually where the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients are located? Along with holding anti-cancer properties, lemon peels are highly celebrated as a potent detoxifying agent. When consumed internally, it's suggested that lemon peels form a protective barrier against parasites, bacteria, and fungi.

Now that you know the potential health benefits of lemons, why freeze them? The answer is simple. Because it's a delicious and simple way to have this beneficial fruit at your disposal.

Freezing lemons is quick and easy. Start off by washing a whole lemon with clean water. Slice the lemon into small pieces and place into a standard ice cube tray, then simply store them in your freezer. 

Once they're completely frozen, the fun can begin! I enjoy grinding the frozen lemons into my dessert, ice cream, salad, or smoothies. Not only does the grated lemon give your food or drink a burst of flavor, but since you're consuming the entire lemon, you're maximizing its potential health benefits. 

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