The Designers Of This Boat Decided To Fill It With Water. The Reason Why? It's Absolutely Awesome.

As the Northern Hemisphere works its way through another winter, sometimes it's helpful to think about the warm weather to come. Snow and winds give way to refreshing spring rains and sooner or later, it's the blue skies and sunshine of summer. Lounging poolside all day sure is nice, but even more luxurious is a relaxing dip in a hot tub. Before hot tubs hit the scene, the only place for a good, hot soak outside was a natural hot spring. These days, you can find hot tubs everywhere, from the top of mountains, to, well...

The HotTug takes hot tubbing places its never been before.

With a gas or electric motor and a wood-burning heat source, this hot tub goes where it wants.

It’s comfortable serving just one purpose at a time, too.


Available with a wide variety of options, certain “folding-pipe” models can travel under bridges as low as two feet.

If you want to truly enjoy the trip, you’ll have to plan ahead; the HotTug needs 2.5 hours to reach optimal temperature.

An aluminum firebox means you’ll never have to worry about rust as you relax on the high seas.

As if this little guy wasn’t quirky enough, the tiller is hand-hewn from a tree branch.


Controls for the electric motor are conveniently located when you’re ready to cast off.

Even more fun is being able to jump into the surrounding waters for a refreshing swim.

Credit: If It’s Hip, It’s Here l HotTug

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