The "Full House" Home Is On Sale, And Its Stunning

Unless you lived under a rock for the majority of the 90's, you're probably pretty familiar with the classic TV sitcom Full House. The show followed the lives of a widower and his three daughters, plus his brother-in-law and his best friend who are there to help raise the kids. It sounds kinda odd now that I'm summarizing it like that, but, back in the day, watching Full House was a religion for me and my family. There was something so relatable about this family, the jokes were funny, and don't even get me started on the plethora of catchphrases coined by the show.

Growing up as a non-American outside of the United States, I only knew two major landmarks associated with San Francisco, California - the Golden Gate Bridge and the house from Full House. I think I'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in my age group who didn't have at least a passing dream of living in that house. It was big, but still cozy. Watching the show for so many years, I almost felt like I grew up in that house, too.

If your inner fantasies of living in this iconic home haven't died down, and you've got the cash, you're in luck - the original property featured in the opening credits of the show is now up for sale!

The home is located on 1709 Broderick Street, and was originally constructed in 1883. As you see, there have been some changes to the outside over the years (goodbye, Red Door!).

The inside of the house is absolutely gorgeous, and has also been renovated to keep up with the times.

The home has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, den/study, family room, and more.

The entire lot comes in at around 3,125 square feet.


Living out your fantasies of being Uncle Jesse don't come cheap though - the asking price is a whopping $4.15 million!!

In case you're thinking the inside doesn't quite look the same as it did on the show, it's because most of the show was actually filmed on a soundstage.

So, while I may have been able to navigate that "original" layout blindfolded from my years of dedicated fandom, this place would certainly take some getting used to.

When the interior looks like this, though, I think it's an adjustment I'd be happy to make!

There's an eat-in kitchen with an adorable breakfast area and lots of light.

The bedrooms are all very tastefully decorated. Maybe this is what Uncle Jesse would have done if he and The Rippers ever made it big.


Have mercy!

Three-and-a-half baths mean that you never have to wait to go to the bathroom. Waiting to go pee? Come on now - Cut. It. Out.

Back when the Tanner family would have bought this house, it was valued around $400,000 or so.

Today, it's valued at 10 times that amount. Talk about an awesome return on your investment!

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