The Funniest Wildlife Photos Of 2015

Wildlife photographers often depict their subjects as majestic creatures. They capture photographs of animals set against nature's gorgeous landscapes like dense rain forests and arctic tundras. With all the rich beauty that nature has to offer, it's tough to portray animals as anything but amazing creatures full of instinct, compassion, curiosity and, well, majesty. There's one animal trait, however, that doesn't get much coverage by photographers: silliness. When you spend as much time as they do documenting animals, you quickly learn how funny some of them can be.

This year marked the first annual “Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.” The contest was created by wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks, and it definitely lived up to its title. Submissions are closed for the 2015 contest, but don't let that stop you from leaving your own hilarious animal pictures in the comments! Check out the following images to see some of the winners and honorable mentions from this year.

There’s nothing more terrifying than a charging hamster.

Julian Rad

“You have your camo, I have mine.”

William Richardson


He teaches yoga to the other lemurs every Thursday.

Alison Buttigieg

Not exactly what I had in mind when you said “bird’s eye view.”

Charlie Davidson

“Can we help you?”

Graham McGeorge

That joke has his “seal” of approval.

Julie Hunt


Hippo taxis will get you there on time, but you’d better buckle your seat belt.

Marc Mol

“Hey, guys? The camera is over here ...”

Tony Dilger

That last joke sure was a head scratcher.

Yuzuru Masuda

Via: This Is Colossal | The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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