The Gerber Baby Just Turned 90 Years Old - And She's Still Adorable Even Today

When you think of baby food, chances are the first thing your mind thinks of is Gerber. Since its founding in 1927 in Fremont, Michigan by Daniel Frank Gerber, the company has steadily become a household name. Daniel Gerber was originally in the business of canned fruits and vegetables but started to make strained foods for babies at the suggestion of his wife. Today, Gerber is the go-to brand of baby food across the United States, as well as throughout much of the world.

Besides the food, Gerber has also long been famous for something else - the Gerber Baby! Yep, that baby face that appears as the logo on all of those jars of puree is one of the most recognizable brands, almost as well-known as the logos for brands like Coke or Pepsi. But have you ever wondered who that baby was?

If you've ever had baby food, you're probably familiar with the Gerber brand.

Gerber was started by Daniel Frank Gerber and his wife, a pediatrician.

Today, the Gerber brand is virtually synonymous with baby food.


One reason is their iconic logo: the Gerber Baby!

So who is that adorable baby? Many thought that it was a baby Elizabeth Taylor or Jane Seymour.

But no, as adorable as both those ladies probably were as babies, neither of them was the famous baby from the jars. You see, that baby didn't grow up to be a celebrity.

The Gerber Baby is actually a lovely little old lady called Anne Turner Cook. Here she is in 1998, posing with the charcoal portrait that made her famous.

The original charcoal sketch was done by family friend Dorothy Hope Smith, in 1927. A year later, Gerber launched a contest to find the face of their brand. Smith submitted her sketch, promising to finish it if it was chosen, but Gerber ended up loving the "rough" version so much that they just went with it!

As you can see, she's still adorable as ever, and is a retired English teacher and mystery novelist.


Here she is on her 90th birthday!

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