The Heartwarming Story Of A Boy And The Dog Who Changed His Life

When Dixie Morgan first laid eyes on baby Danny, she knew he was going to be her son. Although doctors warned her he was born with developmental delays, she made the decision to adopt him as soon as she saw him smile at her for the first time. She and her husband, Edward, took Danny home and gave him a loving home and a lot of patience as he struggled with potty training, basic motor skills, and speaking in fragmented sentences. They provided their kids with everything they wanted... except a dog.

Fate has a funny way of finding you, though. The Morgan family's next door neighbor, Dennie, helped train search and rescue dogs. One day, she started training a dog named Saki, who would be sent away to an assignment elsewhere in the country once her training was complete. Saki, however, had other plans. She found a hole in the fence and, as if guided by fate, snuck out across the street to visit the Morgans. She immediately took a liking to Danny, and the feeling was entirely mutual.

Saki's presence seemed to awaken something in Danny, and Danny's first proper sentence ever was, "I am Saki's dad." All of a sudden, Danny was able to speak in full sentences, successfully completed potty training, and was coordinated enough to throw a ball. 

Unfortunately, Saki's training was coming to an end. She was assigned to go work with the rescue organization that helped train her. Although Dixie begged Dennie to let the family keep Saki, the organization Dennie worked for refused. Dennie then told the Morgans that they should keep trying, which eventually led to representatives of the organization coming to see how Saki's presence had transformed Danny. Watch the video below to see what happened next.

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H/T: Titus Rivas

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