The Hilarious (And Frightening) Ways In Which Kids See Their Moms

May 29, 2016

As a parent, your child is the apple of your eye, the light of your life, your heart and soul ... and sometimes a cruel, cruel reminder of all your failings, both real and imagined. Yes, children are funny and kind and wonderful in all kinds of ways, but they are also too young to have learned all the nuances of socially acceptable behavior, which means they go through life without the filter we adults have generally developed. If you ask a kid a question, you better be prepared for anything, because you never know what might come out of their mouths.

Kids are happy to apply this brutal honesty to any subject, but often that razor-sharp truthfulness is used on those around them. Because of this, moms often bear the brunt of these harsh truths. And, since that can be demoralizing, it's best to look for the humor in these situations. Just check out the 15 works of art below to get enough good belly laughs to help you through the day.

1. It's like day and night ... literally.


To be honest, I'm not sure which look is better? Thanks, kid!

2. "This is mom. She is kind of creepy."

Stacey Blancett

Mom Stacey definitely appreciated her son's characterization of her as creepy, as any mother would: "Yup, my son drew this, and I just looked at it and shook my head. Creepy? Really?"

3. What beautiful freckles mom has!

Ashleigh-George Boille

Or maybe not? Ashleigh-George explained, "My daughter proudly exclaimed she even got my cute little "freckle dots" on a drawing she did of me in the Mother's Day card she made ... I don't have freckles, they are actually PORES."

4. This one is twice as kind.

Christine Ketchum

Christine might not be the mom of this budding artist, but she still gets a super flattering feature in this drawing. "My BFF's daughter drew this picture of us. That's a picture of my friend picking up toys and me (looking mortified?). My friend looks like a crazy kid catcher with a net and razor sharp teeth. Cracks me up every time I look at it!"

5. One of these numbers might be a little off.

Angela Hanson Molesky

Angela wants to clear a few things up about her daughter's drawing: "LOL, this is what my kindergarten kiddo drew and wrote for me. Pretty picture, but the weight was slightly off! It was hilarious to me! And, for the record, I have never topped off my hair with a sweet red bow."


6. He calls this piece "Mom, Before Coffee."

Lisa Wynn Read

Lisa took the whole thing in stride, though, saying, "Yeah, supposedly this is me. I have crazy eyes!"

7. This one seems innocent enough ...

Lala Morena

... until mom Lala lets you in on the backstory: "Take particular notice of the 'She wants' part of the card. I say this to my daughter when she wants something she can't have and is being particularly whiny about it. Talk about the things we say to our kids coming back to bite us."

8. At least this kid thinks his mom is supernatural.

Yumna Abdurahman-Rawoot

Yumna explains, "This is me, as drawn by my middle child when she was about five, almost six. I'm even wearing my trademark turban hijab. And fairy wings, apparently. No idea why. Asked her and was told it's part of the fairy dress I'm wearing and, apparently, those are my claws! I don't ever have long nails, so I'm baffled by that."

9. Her daughter knows who's the boss around here!

Priscilla Botello Coronado-Galvan

Priscilla was actually pretty pleased with this one, drawn by her then-six-year-old daughter.

10. Which one is Mom and which one is Dad? The answer might surprise you.

Jess Harper

"My three-and-a-half-year-old drew this picture of my husband and me. His hair sticks up straight, and I've apparently lost mine," explains Jess.


11. Warning: this one might give you nightmares.

Dani Price

Dani was a little horrified when she saw this one, but "[her] daughter was so excited to learn how to draw teeth and eyebrows." Although she labeled the result as "terrifying," she obviously did what any mom worth her salt would do and put on a happy face when presented with this masterpiece.

12. This little artist is all about capturing emotion.

Carla Cotto

When her five-year-old gave her this, she explained, "Mommy, you are crying there, but those are happy tears." Comforting, right?

13. Yeah, she's never going to live this one down.

Elysia Penny

This Mother's Day card is sheer perfection; how has Hallmark not made their own version, yet?

14. Being a mom is so easy.

Kimberly Anne

At least according to Kimberly's son!

15. Her son loves to capture all the details.

Tamara Ritchie Chansky

"According to my eight-year-old son's depiction of me, I have deep 'expression lines' (aka wrinkles)," explains Tamara.

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H/T: Scary Mommy

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