The Incredible Art Of Paul Smith

Art is everywhere, and it's what makes life beautiful. While society as a whole tends to place more explicit value on the sciences and commerce, I'd invite you to imagine a world without art: no music, no movies, no paintings, no statues - nothing. That would truly be a pretty terrible place to live indeed. Creating art, however, is not easy. It's a painstaking process, from the moment of inspiration all the way until the last brush stroke is completed. 

Finding a unique way to express yourself artistically is even harder, but Paul Smith seems to have managed. His works are beautiful to behold - stunning landscapes and portraits of animals and people. Still, a lot of people can do those, so what makes Paul's work so unique? As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. Once you zoom into one of Paul's works, you'll find yourself blown away by what you see.

You see, all of Paul's works are created using an old typewriter. He spends countless hours carefully using different keys to create an image out of typeface. Born in 1921, Paul has had cerebral palsy his entire life, which severely impedes his speech and mobility. He resides at the Rose Haven Nursing Center in Roseburg, Oregon. He turned to using a typewriter to create art because his condition leaves him unable to use a pen or paintbrush properly. According to staff members at the nursing center, "[Paul's] joy in life is finding ways to be creative."

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H/T: John Stofflet

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