The Location Of This Place Is Crazy, But What's Even More Insane Is What You Can Do There.

There is a famous mountain range in the middle of the French Alps named the Mont Blanc massif. Further up, at the very top of Mont Blanc, you'll get to the mountain Aiguille du Midi, aka "the Needle at Midday”. From there, visitors take the world’s highest vertical ascent cable car to the summit.

If you're a little too nervous to take the extreme trip, check out this virtual tour from the comfort of your chair.

This is the viewing platform on the top of Aiguille du Midi.

It's easy to see why they call it "Step Into the Void."

The glass-bottom box might trigger your fear of heights even more.


The view is straight down for 1,035 meters.

It takes some serious guts. And clogs.

Would you have the guts for this?

Are your palms sweating looking at this?

The platform took three years to build.


All five sides are transparent and each side is made of three layers of tempered glass.

So it's safe. But still. 

Wow. That view sure is spectacular, though. Would you go into the box?

Credit: Reddit

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