The Many Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

Does your dog love you? Well of course he does. But how do you know? You just do, right? Well dogs have a sense about these things as well. They can tell how their owner is feeling, and they always know exactly how much you love them. They don’t just feel that love, though. They give it right back in all kinds of ways. While we might “just know” that our dogs love us, here are a few ways dogs communicate that to their non-furry friends.

‚ÄčThat puppy-dog stare? It’s like a visual hug. Dogs love eye contact and love to give it.

B Rosen

When your dog yawns along with you, that’s a connection that says, “I’m one of the family!”


If you find your dog leaning against you, think of it as a big, off-balance hug. Body contact is important for happy dogs.



A post-meal cuddle is a sure sign your dog is thrilled you came into his life.

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Those eyes! Studies have shown that dogs are far more expressive, especially with their eyes and eyebrows, with people they know and love.


Watching you leave. Calmy staying put as you take off is a sign of trust and comfort from your pooch.


Not so calmly welcoming your back home let’s you know just how much he missed you, and how glad he is you’re back.

Jerry Reynolds


Sleeping in your room, whether you’re there or not, is your pup showing his affinity for you.


When Fido offers you up his favorite toy, he might want to play, but it’s more of a “share the wealth” type thing. Much better than the birds and mice cats offer up.

Martijn Vandalen

And remember, your dog needs you to show him how much you love him as much as he shows you. So find that little guy and give him a big hug.


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