The Moment She Released Her Dog's Ashes Made For A Very Remarkable Photograph

They say that dogs are man's best friend and if you've spent some time with dogs you'll probably know just how true that is. Dogs are incredibly loyal to their masters and when they are given the proper love and care they deserve they really do turn into another member of the family, with distinct personalities of their own. 

Sadly, dogs don't have the same lifespan as we do, and generally don't live past 15-17 human years at most. This means that for most pet owners, there's always that day they're dreading when they have to say goodbye to their beloved companion.

Ashley Lang recently said goodbye to her golden retriever, Wagner, who passed away after 12 long and happy years with her. 

Together, they had all sorts of fun adventures.


Ashley fell in love with him when he was just a puppy (can you blame her?).

Wagner was the best, silliest companion she could have asked for.

Golden retrievers tend to have a lifespan of about 10-12 years, so Wagner definitely lived to the fullest.

As the years went by, his loving attitude never changed, though his body was starting to get too old to run and play like he used to.


After he passed away, Ashley had him cremated and took his ashes to the park where he loved to play. A close friend snapped this photo of Ashley as she released Wagner's ashes into the air.

It wasn't until later that they noticed the ashes looked a lot like a dog leaping up in the air towards Ashley.

That photo quickly went viral. Ashley says that people have started calling Wagner "the angel dog." She's convinced it was his special way of saying a last goodbye.

Rest in peace Wagner.

Via: Faithtap

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