The Most Common Reasons That People Fall Out Of Love

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love? That's not as easy as it might seem. While nobody goes into a relationship expecting it to end, the truth is that many relationships are over barely after they have begun.

There are, however, some pretty common reasons that relationships fail and that love fades. Those reasons are what we'd like to share with you here.

If you understand what can cause a relationship to fail, you can take action to prevent that from happening. So it's possible that if you read this article today, you might be much happier in the future. 

1. You Don't Respect Each Other's Needs And Wants


It's important to recognize that while we don't need to share or even appreciate all of our partners wants and needs, we do need to respect them. That's what loving people do. If you're not showing love, it's harder for love to survive.

2. You Don't Love Yourself


It sounds like a cliché, but it's not. If you don't have some love for yourself, it's going to be very hard for a partner to love you. 

3. You're Disloyal To Your Partner


It doesn't matter whether they are present or not, if you're disrespecting your partner to others, don't be surprised when they pack their bags and leave. 

4. You Don't Share The Housework

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It may sound silly, but this is the 21st century and if you're not sharing the household chores, one of you is being taken for granted and that's not healthy for love.


5. You Haven't Sorted The Money Out

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Healthy, loving relationships have an open and honest policy regarding joint finances. Money is, perhaps, the number one reason that relationships fail. Love lasts when you know each other's strengths and weaknesses and manage them together. 

6. You Side With Your Parents


Or they side with theirs. Your relationship needs to be a place of safety all the time, not just when it's convenient. Yes, your parents should come second to your partner and vice-versa.

7. You Are Passive-Aggressive


There's no behavior less attractive or more childish than passive-aggressive sulking at a partner. Acting like this is like strangling the love in a relationship.

8. Your Life Undergoes Major Change


Love isn't impervious to other factors in people's lives. The death of a relative, the birth of children, the loss of a job, etc. any of these major life changes can also trigger a change in feelings for the person we are with.

9. You Started For The Wrong Reasons


If you want love to last, you want to start with a good basis for love. Passion can't be the only glue holding love together, it has to be more meaningful than that.

10. You Had Your Trust Betrayed


Relationships require two committed people to work. If one partner betrays the other's trust, the love may never recover from that betrayal. This is understandable.


11. You Get Bored

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It might sound harsh, but boredom is your fault. If you think things are getting too routine, it's up to you to try and put some spice back into things.

12. You Get Too Jealous

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Love is all about trust. A little jealousy can be healthy, but too much jealousy is the biggest relationship killer there is. It says "I don't trust you." 

13. You Stop Talking

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Love can't bloom if you're not communicating with the person you say you love. You need to be able to raise and work through frustrations together. If you're not talking, you can't do that.

14. You Want Too Much

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Life isn't perfect. It has ups and downs, swings and roundabouts. Love mirrors life. If you expect everything to be perfect, you are going to be disappointed. 

15. You Take Each Other For Granted


You can't just assume that love will always be there, you've got to put some effort in to keep it that way. Take time to appreciate the other person every day.

So that's why most relationships fail. The good news is that now that we know why, we can take action to prevent it from happening. 

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