The Most Geek-tastic Themed Weddings

Imagine you're at a wedding. You hear the Bridal Chorus begin to play and turn around to see the lovely bride make her way down the aisle. Her white gown is gorgeous and her hair - wait, hold on, is that a lightsaber in her hand?

As unbelievable as this might sound to some, more and more couples are taking their love to the next level with elaborately themed weddings that express their inner geek. Some couples tend to argue about things like location, centerpieces, and floral arrangements leading up to the big day, but that wasn't the case for these nerdy lovebirds. And, if there was any arguing, it was probably over who got to hold the green lightsaber or cut the first piece of Tardis cake. Scroll through the images below to see 18 of the geekiest weddings in the world!

1. Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Kelly Clarke

"Wingardium love-iosa!"

2. Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding

Elina Kansikas

It might not be the "One Ring to rule them all," but it'll do.

3. Star Wars Themed Wedding

Bryan Giardinelli

These awesome locations transport the bride and groom from the desert plains of Tatooine to the forests of Endor.

4. Doctor Who Themed Wedding

Kat Forsyth

Don't blink or you'll miss this sweet moment!

5. The Little Mermaid Themed Wedding

Mark Brooke | Mathieu Photo

These two are head over heels under the sea.

6. Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding

Sarah Kathleen

I hope none of their guests were late for this very important date.


7. Star Wars Themed Wedding

Caca Santoro

"May the Force be with you ... 'til death do us part."

8. Super Mario Themed Wedding

Lehua Noelle

Life is always better with a Player 2.

9. Superhero Themed Wedding


Captain America and Iron Man can finally settle their differences with a dance-off at the reception.

10. Minecraft Themed Wedding

The Goodness

Even a Creeper wouldn't dare mess with a bride on her wedding day.

11. Cinderella Themed Wedding

i love bunny

Just make sure you're done by the time the clock strikes midnight.

12. Game of Thrones Themed Wedding


This is an ... interesting choice, considering how weddings usually go on Game of Thrones.

13. The Hunger Games Themed Wedding

Carmen Santorelli

May the odds be ever in their favor.


14. LEGO Themed Wedding

Grace And Jamie

They can't wait to "build" their new life together.

15. Ultimate Geek Themed Wedding


Star Wars, LEGOs, and Dobby ... this geek wedding truly has it all.

16. World of Warcraft Themed Wedding

Mark Bolton

It doesn't take a Level 34 Warlock to see these two are in love.

17. The Wizard of Oz Themed Wedding

Brett & Jessica

They followed the Yellow Brick Road ... straight into each other's arms.

18. Frozen Themed Wedding

Luis Holden

Now that these two have found true love, they'll never "let it go."

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H/T: Bored Panda

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