The Most Hilariously Awkward Baby Photos Of All Time

Babies are absolutely adorable. They're so tiny and cute and when they smile at you, it's like a magical beam of happiness. That being said, they can certainly have some less-than-endearing moments, like when they projectile vomit all over your new shirt. Every parent thinks their kid is the most beautiful child in the world, but even they have to admit that their kids sometimes have not-so-photogenic moments. Check out these awkward photos to see what I mean.

1. "I never wanted this..."

2. "NO! Not here, the lighting is terrible!"

3. "Say something about my turtle, I dare you."

4. Mom's gonna hold this over his head for a long, long time.

5. When you wake up and realize... it's Monday.

6. "Cookie jars? I dunno nothin' about that."


7. "Did someone say 'cookie jar?'"

8. "Oh great, my brothers are nerds in matching shirts."

9. In that moment, Mom knew she would need a new diaper - pronto.

10. "Ok, I like the dress, but this headpiece has got to GO!"

11. "Another one? Have we learned nothing?! Get out Bernice, you're fired!"

12. "You may cage my body in this matching plaid shirt, but you will never cage my spirit!"


13. "What're you doing over there?"

14. "HELP!"

15. "Boo!"

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H/T: Metaspoon

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