The Most Mind-Blowing Thoughts People Have In The Shower

The shower is the perfect place to relax. Get the water warm, the perfect soap with just the right smell, and a few minutes to yourself and you can just chill out, right?

And as you chill out, your mind is free to wander. For many of us, our thoughts turn to the day ahead or to our partner or family but for many others, this is when their minds can go really deep into something.

These 20 Redditors did exactly that and what they came up with was something of sheer genius. You'll love all of these shower thoughts, we promise.

1. The Wedding Question

The Knot

/u/the_humeister had us nodding in agreement, "Why are wedding dresses bought and tuxedos rented? The utility of each is such that it should be the other way around."

2. The Sound Of Dumb

Latino Sound

/u/lb80bn isn't pulling any punches with their view of the world, "The world isn't getting dumber. It's just easier for dumb people to get their thoughts heard."

3. The Cycle Of Golf

The Odyssey Online

/u/extreme_matt leaves us pondering a thorny question about golf, "What does a golfer do when they retire? Most people retire then take up golf."

4. When Life Gives You Lemons

Nutrition Secrets

What's the point of it all wonders /u/DominickCosta, "We live in a world where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons."

5. Doubling Down

PT Radio

There's a certain amount of self-regard in each of us contends /u/Conkrad, "When we want another's thoughts, we say 'penny for your thoughts.' When we offer up our own, we say 'putting my two cents in.' We value our own opinion twice as much."

6. Strange Reflection


This one's a real puzzler from /u/bgames, "Most animals don't recognize their own reflection because their brains aren't complex enough. I wonder if humans have observed something which we cannot comprehend or even know we cannot comprehend because our brains lack that complexity."


7. Standing In Someone Else's Shoes

Star Wars

Star Wars will never be the same again, thanks to /u/Hrtzy, "From a Wookie's perspective, Chewbacca is the handsome rogue and Han is the dumb sidekick communicating in animal noises."

8. Parental Contrast

Malcolm Scorner

This is so true that it stings. From /u/Chewyman11, "My parents spent the first 18 years of my life telling me how unique and special I was, then spent the rest of my life telling me I am no different than anyone else and to get a job."

9. The End Of History

Jonathan Gifford

We can't agree with /u/Lemvig42 any more than we already do, "I'm flabbergasted at how our education system managed to find a way to turn something as fascinating as history into a boring slog."

10. Cash Conundrum

Sherwood Copy

This is a tricky one from /u/NOTW_116, "Why would anybody buy a bookmark for a dollar when they could use a dollar as a bookmark?"

11. The Paradox Of Animals


This one from /u/WaywardChilton makes our head hurt, "If there's a mean dog or a wild horse in a movie, they have to train an animal to act untrained."

12. Infantile Laws


There's an important point here from /u/JaseAndrews, "It's strange that the adoption process is so strict and rigorous; and yet any two people can produce a baby with no regulation whatsoever."

13. Time Travel


/u/bigandz's observation is perfect, "When you're a kid, staying up late makes you feel like an adult. When you're an adult, staying up late makes you feel like a kid."

14. The End Of Tardiness

PC Advisor

/u/bthoman2 has solved the issue of lateness forever, "If Google Maps added 5 minutes to every time estimate on directions millions of people would be on time for things."


15. Where Did The Days Go?


This one is going to keep us awake at night. Good going /u/AntoneFinance, "If God created the sun on the fourth day, how had four days passed?"

16. The Awakening


This is a scarily accurate way to describe what facing the world feels like from /u/dankerinooo, "I've woken up over 10,000 times and I'm still not used to it."

17. Cautionary Sidewalk


This is a good idea from /u/KubrickisMyCopilot, "Wherever a fatal car crash or pedestrian death occurs, a red square with the year of the accident should be permanently included in the pavement. Seeing a lot of red squares in a given location would make drivers and pedestrians more careful."

18. The Ugly Truth

Guinness World Records

It's during periods of relaxation that we find our true selves as /u/aliendogfishman says, "I like to think money wouldn't change me; yet when I'm winning Monopoly I'm a terrible person."

19. Hindsight Is 20-20


We can feel /u/SirHerald's pain because it is our pain too, "I am a much better proofreader the moment after I post something than the moment before."

20. Keeping On Trucking

Car Recovery London

We've all seen what /u/crudmissile has seen, "Isn't it weird in movies sometimes when there's a fight on top of a truck yet all the cars behind them will be driving like normal like 'this is real messed up but I'm not going to be late for work'."

Some of those were simply brilliant weren't they? We feel like we've learned something even if we're not sure what.

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