The Parrot Tap Dance

Here at Wimp, we love performers of all kinds. Whether it's singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or anything else, great talent should be highlighted. Sometimes, though, that talent doesn't just come from humans. Animals can be incredible performers too, and not just when they're begging for treats. We've seen a horse prancing along to music in front of a big crowd, and an owl dancing along to a spirited version of "The Monster Mash." But maybe the most impressive of all is the show this little parrot recently put on.  

The little bird got jiggy with it when his owner started playing Celtic music. He didn't just sway to the music, he put together a whole tap dancing routine that looked just as good as anything you would see across the pond. The most amazing part is, by and large, the bird stayed in rhythm and looked as if he was actually dancing along to the music that was being played. 

I, for one, see a tremendous future in store for this bird. The first step is an audition for So You Think You Can Dance. After he wins that, he can be a celebrity dancer on Dancing With The Stars. Then maybe he can go on a world tour or become a guest judge on a dancing show. The options are limitless. He definitely has the talent to do it all. 

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H/T: Charli Jeane

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