The Pizza Is Delicious, The Ingredients Are Fresh, But Wait Until You See Where These Pies Get Made.

Most people have probably seen a food truck, but what about a food boat? While many of us live our daily lives landlocked, for those that find themselves out on the open water, a food boat could be just the thing in a time of need. Sasha and Tara Bouis have created a floating pizzeria called “Pizza Pi” that delivers fresh oven-baked pizzas to sailors, fisherman, and anyone else on the water.  

Sasha had recently given up a job on Wall Street for a life at sea, before meeting Tara in the Virgin Islands in 2007. Together they reworked this sailboat into a fully functioning pizza delivery service.

Before creating “Pizza Pi,” Tara taught special education at an elementary school in Indiana. Being a school teacher meant that she could spend her summers teaching scuba diving lessons in the Caribbean.

The boat was originally named “Pi.”


Tara personally oversaw the design and construction that transformed the boat into a pizzeria. The boat itself is now fully fitted with some of the best equipment that a pizzeria could ask for, including a brick lined oven with two baking chambers that can be controlled separately. This setup is what makes them able to create up to four pizzas every 15 minutes.

“Two years of building and we’ve created a 100% custom food boat that will take the familiar food truck concept to the water where we will prepare and serve New York-style pizza,” said Chef Tara Bouis.

These dough balls are about to be made into glorious pizzas.

The pies they make look absolutely delicious.  


Using a massive battery bank, solar panels, and a powerful generator, the boat has enough energy to sustain operations throughout the day.

The two years that Tara spent working on the boat went not only to outfitting it with the best equipment, but also to create some functional living space to relax in while they ran the business. While they are not allowed to operate the business while living on the boat full-time, it’s nice to have some space to rest between orders. If you are ever in area, remember that they take orders in the Christmas Cove area by phone, email, and VHF channel 16.

Source: A Tiny House For Us | Photography: Jody Pountain

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