The Proper Way To Split Wood

It's April, and that means that winter is on its way out ... well, it's supposed to be anyway, but you try telling that to the snowstorm I had this Monday. It seems that Old Man Winter isn't ready to give the fight just yet, so we still have a few chilly nights to worry about. If you've got a wood stove or fireplace, that means you may want to consider leaving that fire burning a little longer. Alternatively, you might live somewhere where you're lucky enough to have warm weather already, in which case you may still need to build a cozy outdoor bonfire.

In either case, you'll have to chop some wood. I'm not an outdoorsman, so I haven't chopped a lot of wood. If I had to, I probably would have done it the way I'd seen on countless TV shows and movies: you stand the log up on a stump, then drive your axe down onto it all manly-like, causing the wood to split. Repeat that to make four pieces of wood, then start again. 

Thankfully, I saw CrazyRussianHacker's latest video on chopping wood before I ever had to actually do it, so now I feel a lot more ready. You see, standing the log up on the stump is actually a bad move. It doesn't have much stability in this position, and your axe has a higher chance of getting stuck and/or missing the log and possibly hitting your leg. It's a lot more work. The smarter way that he demonstrates requires laying the log down perpendicularly on top of another log, such that the length is pointing at you. Just watch the video and you'll see how much easier it is.

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H/T: CrazyRussianHacker

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