The Puppy That Stays Young Forever

All parents have had a moment when they looked down at their kids and silently wished they would be young forever. Sure, you know it's not possible, but they're just so darn cute when they're little that you don't want to see them any other way. Eventually, they will get older, and you'll be glad they did, but there's always a little part of you that misses taking care of that little guy or gal. 

Well, if you happened to be the parent of a Swedish Vallhund, then that would never be a problem. This species is unique because of its ability to spend its entire life looking like a pup. Even though it gets older in age on the inside, you can hardly tell a difference through its outward appearance. Swedish Vallhunds are an extremely rare species - in fact, they were right on the verge of extinction in the 1940s before animal groups came to their rescue. 

The adorably bizarre canine species has a fascinating backstory and a lot of information that you should know about them. Scroll down to learn more and see these beautiful pups in action. 

This is the ultra-rare Swedish Vallhund, a dog species known for its compact beauty.

However, more people know it by its informal name - the wolf corgi.


They are believed to originate from the time of Vikings, and evidence of their existence dates back 1,000 years.

They were used for centuries as herders. 

People who use keep them as pets can't help but fall in love.

Wolf corgis remain small their whole lives, growing to roughly the size of a French Bulldog.


A full-grown wolf corgi looks no different than a puppy. How can you say no to that face?

This is what it feels like to never grow old.

H/T: Upshout

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