The Simple, Helpful Secret To Saving Money On Air Travel

It’s that time of the year. Travel season. Braving some of the finest cost-cutting measures airlines can dream up so that you can be with your loved ones. Unless it’s your first time on a plane, you’re probably not looking forward to wedging yourself in between the guy who won’t stop talking to you and the other guy snoring and drooling on your shoulder. Before you even get to experience joys like these, however, you have to face another unpleasant truth. Air travel isn’t cheap. Nor should it be, really, when you consider what you’re asking of it. “I’d like to travel hundreds of miles but it needs to only take a few hours.” That kind of efficiency doesn’t grow on trees.

But fear not, thrifty traveler!


Did you know that there is a simple secret to buying plane tickets at the best possible price?



Did you know that this secret works on any airline and it doesn’t matter if you buy months in advance or days before your flight?


It turns out, airlines decide every Monday if they need to drop their prices to improve sales.


By Tuesday, or by Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m. EST to be precise, airlines scrambling to match each others’ deals will have driven prices down to the lowest they’ll be all week!

Iain Masterson

Don’t take our word for it, it’s just science.


The reverse is also true. Buying on the weekends will result in a significantly more expensive ticket. If a destination vacation is in your future, be sure to keep this little fact in mind. If you miss your Tuesday window one week, you’re probably better off waiting until next Tuesday, if you can.

Hopefully you’ve already made your holiday travel arrangements for this year, but if not, there’s still hope. There’s one Tuesday left before Christmas, and two before the New Year! And nobody said you have to fly home ...


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