The Strangest SkyMall Products That You Can Actually Buy

There you are, tucked up safe in your uncomfortable airline seat and with nothing better to do, you turn to the in-flight magazine.

You open the pages expecting, perhaps, to read about the destinations of your dreams only to discover that the magazine is more of a brochure for stuff nobody would ever really want to buy if they were on the ground.

The SkyMall products here are exceptional, however. While most SkyMall products are just uninteresting, these are downright awful. They'll have you laughing and wondering how they made it into production. They are all a marketer's nightmare come true.

1. The One Of A Kind Shirt


Well, it has to be said - we can't imagine anyone wanting two of these. We agree with the description, you'd certainly stand out in a crowd for wearing them.

2. Yeti Sculpture


What do you give the person who has everything? No, the answer's still not a yeti sculpture from a SkyMall catalog. Everyone knows that.

3. The Bed Bug Cocoon


The worst of it, of course, is that even if you did buy this peculiar device, it wouldn't actually stop you from being bitten by bedbugs. 

4. Jockey Sport


Special underwear for men, because your friend Victor? He really stinks. This is just the strangest advert of all time, we think. No sale SkyMall.


5. The Magic Wand Remote Control


When you simply can't control your inner Harry Potter anymore, you can buy one of these. Instead of battling Voldemort, you can change the channel. It's only $89.95 too.

6. The Call Me Gloves


The only thing we can say about this product is that anyone who buys it will have nobody who wants to call them ever again.

7. Dog Chill Collar


Apparently, their marketing team missed the meeting when they learned that dogs sweat through their tongues. So, they designed this. Bad call guys, really bad call.

8. The Mounted Squirrel Head


Because what your home has really been missing is the upper body of a rodent? It doesn't quite send the same message as a rug made from a lion, does it?

9. Giant Wine Glasses


We can't imagine an occasion on which we'd need to pour an entire bottle of wine into one glass. We certainly can't imagine needing to do that twice. 

10. Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt


This is just odd. The mitten with a beer holder sewn into the hand. Making it less useful than a regular mitten. And if it's cold enough to wear mittens, the beer probably doesn't need to be kept cool. 


11. Decorative Toilet Flush Handles


There is a good reason that people don't have more interesting toilet handles as standard, it's that they don't want them. Oh dear Skymall. 

12. Tikker

ET Online

The market for the Tikker must be vanishingly small. Who wants to look at their wrist and know how long they have left to live? 

13. Flair Hair


You've lost some hair, you're feeling down about it, so what do you do? You probably don't buy a sun visor with a wig attached to it. 

14. I'm Bob T-Shirt


Now, while we can see the appeal of this t-shirt to people called "Bob," we're not certain who else would want to buy it.

15. The Paw Boss Paw Washer


Well, this might give you paws for thought. Sorry, we couldn't resist. Of course, as every pet owner knows all dogs are the "boss" and that's why you need this bizarre invention.

Weren't those products just fabulously terrible? We can't imagine giving anyone Flair Hair, that's for sure. 

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