The Surprising Effects Of Coconut Oil

Coconut products are quite popular in stores, especially among health fanatics. But, this drupe hardly requires any advertising. Even when we were younger, before we really understood or cared about the health benefits of foods, many of us already enjoyed the taste and fragrance of these drupaceous fruits.

While it is now common knowledge that coconut products are healthy for us, you may not be aware of all the different ways that coconut oil can benefit us. If you think that it's just a healthy and delicious alternative to butter and cooking oils, then you'll want to read on to find out just how much more they can do for us. Be prepared to stock up on this magnificent product!

Maintain A Healthy Thyroid

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Your thyroid is one of the biggest endocrine glands in your body and can impact the function of all the cells in your body. When your thyroid is off balance, it could adversely impact your health and well-being. According to Prevent Disease, trouble with your thyroid could stem from issues with your immune system and inflammation.


Coconut oil is said to help with regulating the immune system and fighting inflammation, which makes it a fantastic, natural food to aid in thyroid function. When you add exercise and a balanced diet on top of regular coconut-oil consumption, you'll help to keep your thyroid balanced and healthy.

Build Sun Tolerance

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Enjoying your time under the sun is always fun, but it's important to be careful of getting sunburned. Not only can the experience be painful, but overexposure to the sun's rays can lead to devastating long-term effects on your health.


According to Wellness Mama, a diet with an abundance of healthy fats can help to build sun tolerance. You can achieve this by consuming a cup of herbal tea mixed with some melted coconut oil. It will increase your tolerance of the sun, and it is also great in keeping your skin young and healthy.


Treat Yeast Infections


Coconut oil is well known for being rich in lauric acid and caprylic acid. These medium-chain fatty acids have powerful properties that help to kill yeast, viruses, and bacteria, making coconut oil an effective source to combat yeast infections. Dr. Bruce Fife, a naturopathic physician and president of the Coconut Research Center, states that consuming 3.5 tablespoons of a high-quality, organic, extra virgin coconut oil every day will keep yeast infections at bay. This is particularly helpful for those who are especially prone to yeast infections.

Boost Metabolism

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If your metabolism needs a push forward, then it's time to incorporate more coconut oil into your diet. Medium-chain fatty acids, which coconut oils are rich in, are effective in boosting metabolism.

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Thus, coconut oil can help you get - or keep - in shape. By augmenting your metabolism, coconut oil is a healthy and natural way to increase the number of calories burned in your day. In a Huffington Post on boosting metabolism, Dr. John Dempster states, "We have to eat fat to lose fat."

Relieve Eczema And Other Skin Conditions


Many people suffer from eczema and other skin problems. This can impact their lives in many different aspects and can cause constant discomfort or pain that requires attention and treatment.


A number of sufferers swear by the healing properties of coconut oil, which is all-natural and is easily absorbed into the skin. Its healthy oils can provide a soothing relief for painful skin problems.


Treat Allergies And Sinus Infections


If you suffer from allergies or sinus problems, you may want to give this seemingly odd trick a try: apply some coconut oil to the inside of your nose. According to Earth Clinic, coconut oil naturally contains potent antibiotic properties that are active when ingested or coming into contact with our bodies. To alleviate symptoms of an allergy or a sinus condition, make a natural nasal rinse by adding liquid coconut oil to a mixture of purified water and salt or baking soda.

Relieve Constipation


Because coconut oil is rich in fiber and effective in boosting metabolism, it makes for a fantastic natural remedy to help with constipation. LIVESTRONG suggests blending 1/2 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil with a full, eight-ounce glass of pure, natural juice. Consume one glass 30 minutes prior to each meal, three to four times throughout the day. This should help with your digestive condition.

Fight Acne

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Acne results from bacterial infections in our skin glands. When the infections get inflamed, we end up with a flare-up of red, swollen skin. Because coconut oil is a natural source of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a well-known and effective method of fighting acne. To get the best results, Organic Facts suggests that coconut oil should be consumed and also applied topically to the affected areas.

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