The Veteran Hero From The Las Vegas Shooting Just Made Us All Proud Once Again

Among the many brave, inspiring people who sprang into action in the midst of the Las Vegas shooting recently, one that stands out is Taylor Winston. The 29-year-old retired Marine stole a work truck on the concert grounds and used it to drive dozens of injured victims to the hospital.

In recognition and thanks for his actions, the owner of an Arizona truck dealership awarded Winston with a brand-new Ford F150. Shane Beus, the owner of B5 Motors in Gilbert, Arizona, heard the story of Winston's heroic acts on that fateful night and felt he just had to thank the veteran somehow.

Just as any true hero would, Winston's reaction to this incredibly generous gift is inspiring. He's humbled by the attention he's received and insists that he's hardly any more a hero than many others who were just as brave that night.

"So many others that haven’t been given as much credit as I [have received]," he says, including "the people doing a makeshift hospital, [and the ones] running into the gunfire to get people out to the road for me to be able to extract them." He also recognized his girlfriend Jennifer, who is herself recovering from a broken back while still tending to victims of the shooting.

While Winston gratefully accepted the new truck, he also has plans to sell his old truck and donate all the proceeds to a fund set up for victims of the shooting.

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