Their Backyard Was Hilly And Rocky, But This Couple Managed A Renovation Worthy Of Envy.

A patio adds so much to a house-- a place to hang out, take in the views, have a BBQ and a cold drink in summer. But they can be so difficult to install if you have a very hilly yard. But this Imgur user's DIY spirit would not be deterred and they devised a clever way to create the patio of their dreams, hill or no hill.

Here's the before picture.

Practically begging for a patio.

It's a little drab.


The dog already has the right idea: digging is the first step.

This is during the excavation of the upper terrace.

More excavation.

Here is the first delivery of the materials.

A few drainage pipes needed to be rerouted to finish the excavation.

The pipes are rerouted.

Here is the start of the first wall's foundation.

A set of stairs comes together.

Joining up with the first wall.

So much more wall to go.


The steps are looking good.

And here's the first wall.

Reverse angle of the first wall.

Here is the corner wall.

Here is the corner and the side wall.

Everything is framed out.

The middle walls and the stairs.

A sitting wall is added to the first wall.

Starting to come together.

The walls are done.

So much bricklaying.

Here the walls caps, backfill and drainage make it look super professional.

The caps go on the stairs for a dramatic flair.

They look so much better.

And the corner wall capped off.


The second delivery comes in.

Those are some huge piles.

Here's the river rock fire pit.

Looks great, doesn't it?

Now the second level comes up.

Here's the corner wall.

Once the foundation is leveled, the pavers are going in.

The pavers add a classy touch.

Now just a few pieces to cut to get it to really fit.

Sweeping in the sand.

Here's the side view.

The top view.

The sitting area.

The dining area.

A panoramic shot.

Credit: Imgur

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