There Are 15 Things You Might Be Cleaning Wrong, But With These Tips, You Can Spring Clean With Ease

We love spring: the flowers, the sunshine and pretty much everything but that dreaded spring cleaning. It's a necessary part of the year, but are you getting the most bang (clean) for your buck? Check out some of these handy tricks for making spring cleaning a breeze.

Clean your cutting boards with lemon and kosher salt to get into the grain and yank out any food debris.


Get rid of that brown stain of cookies past with a scrubbing paste of 1/4 cup baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

One Good Thing By Jillee

Let a bag of white vinegar sit over your shower head for an hour to get it really clean.

A Real-Life Housewife

Vacuum your mattress to get rid of small dirt and dust particles, then sprinkle the mattress with baking soda. Let it seep in for a few hours, then vacuum off the baking soda.

Life in Ryans'

If there's cheese stuck in the cheese grater, grab a potato and give it a few shreds. The oxalic acid will react to the gunk and pull it off. Hashbrowns, anyone?

Rachel vs. Ramen


Microwave a bowl of water and vinegar to easily wipe away any microwave food explosions that have caked on.

DIY Maniacs

Did you know you can run many hard plastic toys through the dishwasher? (Just run it under really hot water first to make sure it's not planning to melt.)

Brady Lou Project Guru

Run a cycle of vinegar through your coffee maker. (You don't have to drink it.) Run a couple of fresh water cycles through it until the taste and smell of the vinegar is gone.

the kitchn

Dip an old sock in vinegar and get hands-on with cleaning your blinds.

Keep Home Simple

Use a mixture of water and kosher salt to scrape food residue off cast iron cookware. Apply a light coat of oil to it before storing.

the kitchn

Slice a bagel in half and run it over a painting to clean off the dust. Don't eat the bagel.

The Brick House


Clean your blender the moment you're done using it and you'll be able to use a shortcut: just squirt in a little dish soap and water and give it a spin. Too easy.

Pretty Prudent

Let your toothbrush hang out in white vinegar overnight to give it a deep clean around their second month. (You should be replacing them every three months.)


Cream of tartar, water and a sponge will bring back the shine of your toaster. To get out crumbs, just shake it upside down. 

A Real-Life Housewife

Make a paste of water and baking soda and apply it to the inside of your oven. Leave it overnight and then wipe it away with a few sprays of vinegar. 

Enlightened Consciousness

Credit: Aunty Acid

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