There Are Thousands Of Pandas Hanging Out In South Korea... And The Reason Why Is Shocking

Thousands of panda bears invading Seoul may sound like an adorable takeover, but there is actually a heartbreaking reason behind it. In 2008, a French artist, Paulo Grangeon, started the Panda Project in hopes to bring awareness to a very real problem. The 1,600 papier-mâché panda bears were made to represent the shocking number of pandas that are still alive in the world today. The exhibition also serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting any endangered wild species. Many of these panda protests will, hopefully, be demonstrated around the world. Here are some incredible photos from past events.

The 30-year papier-mâché veteran created all pandas using strictly recycled materials.

The increase in wildlife conservation is the number one priority for the organization.

They certainly made a statement with these little characters. How could you miss them?


The pandas have travelled to over 100 different locations from Switzerland to Italy, and to several other countries.

They have finally touched down in South Korea for the first time this year.

This isn’t the only endangered species project the French artist has partaken in. 

He’s also managed to display the same scale project for endangered whales. Just imagine tiny whales invading your city....


The new tour in South Korea will showcase 1,800 pandas rather than 1,600.

This will be showcased as a symbolic reminder of the 200 panda increase in the world’s population, thanks to the many people who have fought to keep the panda alive.

Many have come to see the panda exhibit, and they are armed with cameras and smiles. This invasion is guaranteed to make your day.

If you’d like to see where these pandas are headed next, check their website to see if your city is one of the pandas’ next destinations. 

Via: Koreaboo | Instagram

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