There Is A Lot We Don't Know About China, But We Should Definitely Know These Interesting Facts About The Country.

While none of us know everything about our own country, there is often even less that we know about the world’s many other countries. So, even though China might be the biggest country in the world by population and the second largest by land, it’s not surprising if there is much we don’t know about it.

Nonetheless, being more knowledgeable about the world doesn’t usually hurt anyone, so enjoy these incredible facts about the People’s Republic Of China, and find out some interesting information you never knew about before.

1. In order to teach soldiers to keep their heads up during training, a pin is placed in their uniform’s collar.


2. The Republic of China Military Police learn what height to properly raise their arms when marching by using poles with wires attached to them.


​3. In China, 100 million people survive off about one U.S. dollar each day.


​4. Ke-tsiap, a pickled fish sauce, was the Chinese origin of ketchup.

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​5. In China, people would go through a drive through to pick up their food, then park and go inside of the restaurant to eat their food.

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6. Even though China is a secular country officially, over 54 million Christians still live there. 


7. More than four times the amount of convicts are executed in China than all other countries combined together.

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8. Free and legal music downloading is offered by Google in China, due to a partnership with some of the world’s biggest record labels.


9. In China, their police often use geese in place of dogs, as geese have superior vision and aggressive behavior. 


10. In China, 30 million people live in yaodongs, which are cave homes. That is more people than live in the entire nation of Australia. 


11.The pollution in China is so awful, it even travels all the way across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco, California, and is accountable for nearly one third of that city’s air pollution. 

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12. In Beijing, breathing in the city’s air does as much damage as smoking a total of 21 cigarettes each day. 



13. In China, Playstations are considered illegal.


14. The longest traffic jam ever took place in Shanghai, China. It was 12 days long and stretched more than 62 miles. 

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15. For people who can’t seem to put their phones down, Chongqing, China has created a special lane to make sure they stay safe wandering throughout the city. 


It’s fascinating what little details make a country what it is. After all, you most likely wouldn’t hear about these sorts of things in the news. Do you know of any other interesting facts about China that we didn’t mention? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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