There Was An Old Firehose Lying Around, So These Firefighters Destroyed It For A Very Good Cause

Firefighters and the crew of fire stations live extremely dedicated lives: they spend so much time away from their families, all in the name of being prepared to lay down their lives for the people in their communities. That kind of sacrifice is truly admirable, and really embodies the spirit of patriotism. 

Fire Station 6 in Kingsport, Tennessee took the idea of patriotism a step further by making something awesome with an old firehose. These guys aren't just brave - they're downright creative.

Kingsport Fire Department

The crew of Fire Station 6 found an old hose lying around the station and wanted to do something great with it. They started by cutting the hose into 13 strips of equal length, keeping the couplings to reflect the original item.

They then cleaned the hose with a pressure washer and a mix of clorox and water, being careful to keep the hose looking well used.

They then painted portions of seven strips blue. Are you starting to see where this is going?


After the blue came the red paint, alternating with white hose strips to create the red and white stripes that are so familiar. The result was 13 individual strips that comprise the American flag.

They used a spray adhesive to stick the various strips to a wooden board.

Then, they used a stamp and white paint to place the stars onto the blue portion.

To be sure that the couplings wouldn't weigh down the hose and pull it away from the board, they used screws to hold them in place.

They attached the excess hose material to the back of the board and touched up the paint.

To mark the occasion, they listed the names of the crew members who worked on the project on the back of the board.


Surprisingly, this project only cost about $50, but the time and effort that they put into it is priceless.

Here are a few members of Fire Station 6, holding up the finished project with pride.

The flag now hangs on the wall of the station.

By incorporating their work into the flag of their country, the crew of Station 6 has proven itself to be one great team. They worked together to make something wonderful that is sure to be enjoyed long into the future. If you want to know some of the finer points, you can find more information about the project here. 

Via: FaithTap | Model City Firefighter

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