There's A Leopard Hiding In This Photo. Only 1% Of People Can Actually Spot It

Whether it's for a day out hunting or a military operation, humans rely on clothing and some design ingenuity for camouflage. But for many animals, they have camouflage built right in. Some, like the chameleon, can even change their tone and color to blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Still, just plain old fur patterns can provide wondrous disguises. 

Can you see the snow leopard in this photo?

Nature photographer Inger Vandyke was lucky enough to have razor-sharp eyesight to capture these images of the snow leopard in its natural habitat.


Nestled among the Indian Himalayas, the snow leopard's spots are perfectly adapted to give it camouflage.

Often, their prey don't even see them until it's too late.

In the mountains above Ladakhi, India, the leopards roam largely unnoticed.


In an interview with GrindTV, the photographer admitted to often times not even seeing the animals: “When I look back at my photographs, I often wonder how many we might have walked past in the field and simply didn’t see them."

“The Ladakhis are incredible in this way. Some of them spotted snow leopards.. it took us several minutes to train our vision to see them,” she said.

In case you couldn't see the leopard in the first photo, here it is.

Via: American Overlook

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