There's An Abandoned Town Deep In These Woods. I Never Would've Guessed How Close It Was To Home

People often forget just how vast and expansive the American wilderness can be. While much of the wilds have been explored, it is becoming more and more common that we forget what was once there.


While exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Jordan Liles stumbled upon something that had been long forgotten. Hidden deep within the dense Tennessee forest was a small town that had been abandoned for decades.

Many parts of the abandoned town looked incredibly spooky.

The area itself is known as Elkmont, and the town that was rediscovered used to be the Elkmont Historic District. The town was originally constructed over 100 years ago, and while many buildings are in a state of decay, most remain standing and are somewhat intact. Nearby, the Elkmont Campground is still in use as a destination for hikers and campers.


The ghost town itself contains many abandoned houses, along with a hunting lodge, chalet, summer cabins, cemetery, and many deserted homes. Since humans have abandoned the area, nature has slowly starting to reclaim the land.

Source: Jordan Liles

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