There's More To This Floating Egg Than Meets The Eye. I Was Surprised When I Learned What Is Inside

Sometimes it can feel like you need the absolute perfect conditions to get anything done. This incredible egg-shaped structure is actually a floating, individual office space, specifically made to the liking of artist and designer Stephen Turner. Called the Exbury Egg, it stays tethered to the shores of the Beaulieu River in southern England.

Made almost entirely out of sustainable materials, the design was conceived as a way to bring attention to sustainability and creating a deeper sense of nature.

A unique feature of this workspace is that it rises and falls along with the tide.

While the exterior is made mostly of wood, a large skylight is able to bring plenty of natural light into the interior.


Over time, the exterior of the egg will start to corrode and wear out as part of the intended relationship it has with nature.

The interior of the egg is remarkably spacious.

The egg was built using some of the more traditional ship-building techniques that include using wooden ribs.

Credit: A Tiny House For Us | Stephen Turner

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