There's Room For The Whole Family At This DIY Breakfast Nook

Buying a home is a huge investment for people everywhere, and in order to get your full money’s worth, home DIY projects are excellent ways to improve the financial value of your house. Applying a fresh coat of paint to the living room or adding a patio to the backyard are all great projects to take up, however, the best DIY projects often require us to think outside of the box. 

Take, for instance, the typical dining room table. A recognizable staple of the American home, but when Imgur user MidnightXII took a long, hard look at his dining room, he realized the round table was just not cutting it. Instead of searching through catalogs or scouring the nearest furniture store, he decides to make a home project out of his dining room table. MidnightXII was able to find hidden potential within the walls of his home, and, because of that, his home is certainly much more valuable. Watch his unbeatable moxie and amazing end result when he decides to take his dining room into his own hands. The results may inspire you to take up a new home project of your own!

Those French doors are fabulous, but the dining table and chairs make the dining nook boring and basic.

When he removed the table, the line bisecting the room comes out from hiding.

Measuring out the space, he cut chairs to measure exactly nine by six-and-a-half feet.

He attached a support at the wall studs.

Then, seat supports were drilled into place every 20 inches.

Next, vertical supports and horizontal floor supports add to the structure.

The supports are anchored to the floor and drywall.


The plywood for the booth seats goes on and is measured to line up perfectly.

A few foam cushions add extra comfort to the seats.

Outdoor fabric added extra durability, especially against stains. Once the foam was covered, it's just a few quick staples to upholstered seats.

Now, all the seats have been upholstered.

They’re starting to look like real seats.

A few adjustments needed to be made to make the bead board lay flush against the window trim.

Because the bench covered up the wall vent, a hole was cut to let the air pass through.


And a vent went on to let the air pass through naturally.

This already looks so much more stylish.

A border keeps the edges of the cushion in place.

At this point, you could stick with the natural wood, but he opted to go for pure white.

A pair of sturdy table legs and a rustic wood tabletop bring this family style dining area together.

It's a huge improvement and brings such class and glamour to the house.

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H/T: SlipTalk | MidnightXII

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